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  • Daniel Hofmann

Location, Location, Location…

So now that you are reading this Blog entry, you are ready to go the next step. Germany is the market to invest for you, but you need to identify where and what for. So ask yourself some basic questions:

Do you want to live in the property or do you want to rent it out?

If you are thinking about renting your property out, do you wish to do so long or short term? Why is that important? Well, if it is short term should probably buy a property that is close to the city centre where there may be a higher demand for short term leases due to migrating workers etc. It should have probably have good public transport connections etc.

If you are investing with a long term view and you are in no rush you may want to speculate a bit more, and invest in areas, which are not so ‘in’ just yet, but are on the verge of being so. Your Estate Agent can help you with identifying those or again you read up online.

If you are looking to live there yourself, again be aware of location, is it the city life (which can vary from city to city) or the country life you prefer? There is a huge north, south division in property prices in Germany as well as a huge division between east and west (due to history). So ask yourself how much time and money are you willing to invest and what do you expect to get in return.

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