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The world has changed forever....

By now everybody has been impacted by the coronavirus. I won’t talk much about how many people have been infected or what measures countries and governments have taken to combat this disease and the dramatic day-to-day developments, for they change on an hourly basis.

But what I do want to talk about is what affect it may have on the property investment market here in Germany and what’s ahead for our property markets in light of the corona virus issues?

The question every investor is asking right now: is the market going to crash like the stock market has? Honestly, I do not know but based on my perspective having been involved in property and property financing for many years, I know it will have an effect on the german economy and the german property market - but only in the short-term. Real estate activity will slow down due to the current uncertainty. When buyers are uncertain about what will happen within three months, they tend to push the decision making out for as long as possible. This would inevitably result in a lower turnover of properties and possibly therefore mean lower prices. Though whilst investors are uncertain, Sprengnetter have currently found that there is no adverse effect on the german property market as of yet and market prices are stabil.

So when times get tough and you need to make a decision as to whether you are going to invest into property, don’t base your decision purely on short time developments but do keep an eye on long term trends.

And just to remind you here are some reasons as to why you should invest into the German housing market:

  1. The population keeps on rising, slowly but continuously and more housing is required.

  2. There could be a downward trend in property prices due to a slower turnover.

  3. Interest rates are currently very low and hopefully will remain so, or will only slightly go up. Nevertheless financing is still hugely attractive.

  4. Smaller and single households are growing, making the need for additional, smaller living spaces more relevant.

So, if you are looking to buy a new property and you need help with getting the right finance product, we are here to help.

We can get you the right financing deal and that without ever having to come into our offices. We have developed a unique tool that allows for the whole application process to take place completely online and that includes the verification of your identity.

Would you like to find out how much you can afford? Then check out our online mortgage calculator now.

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